To keep things as smooth as possible I would prefer not to ask for the consideration. Please have an unsealed envelope and place it on the bedside table of my incall. If I’m meeting you at your hotel or residence, please have it out in plain sight before my arrival. 


Additional $200 for every hour 

Social time for engagements 4 hours or longer 

Outcalls are $50 inside of Ottawa’s core, additional fees outside of downtown. Outcalls must be a minimum of 90 minutes. Outcall fees do not apply for encounters 4 hours or longer.


Additional $100 per hour for couples at a minimum of 90 minutes.


Longer engagements 


For overnights, I need at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep 


Sensual Massage

(only available to those who have seen me for massage before March 2020)



One hour                                   $200

90 minutes                                $300

Two hours                                $400

Spend the day (8 hours)                     $1400


Overnight (14 hours)                          $2000


Short getaway (24 hours)                  $2800


Weekend getaway  (48 hours)           $5000

One hour                                  $320


90 minutes                               $420

Two hours                                 $550

Three hours                              $750

Four hours                               $950

Tara Parker 2020

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